21 Jul

Zero Plastic Marathon 2019

by Priyanka


Run To Make A Difference

What is Zero Plastic Marathon?
This is an event where participants run or walk to bring more attention to the negative environmental impacts caused by plastics. The event also seeks to create additional awareness on this very important issue. This event is organized by IRS and is the first of its kind in Delhi.

The Zero Plastic Marathon will continue annually until the single-use plastics in our everyday lives is zero, and until India becomes a zero single-use plastic nation. We all have a responsibility as individuals to achieve this goal.

Why Zero Plastic Marathon?
The main aim of the “Zero Plastic Marathon” is to advocate for banning or minimizing the use of everyday plastics which harm the environment. We want to increase the awareness on this serious issue. Our call is for the use of zero single-use plastics in our daily lives. We recognize that this goal cannot be achieved overnight by just us alone. However, we believe that it is very important for each and everyone to make a start and stay on this very important journey to zero single-use plastics.

Who can join?
Anyone and everyone can join the Zero Plastic Marathon! We encourage individuals and people from all walks of life – the civil servants and politicians, corporate and NGOs, uniformed services, students and educators, artists and entertainers, doctors, nurses and caregivers, families and friends, and all others – to join the run and begin their journey towards a plastic-free lifestyle.

What are the categories, deliverable details?
This edition of Zero Plastic Marathon is featuring a half marathon(21.1Km), 10.5Km Run, 5Km Run, and 2.5Km Run. Of course, it's a timed event.

There are exciting gifts and awards for the winners.

Where do the Proceeds go?
The proceeds, less administrative expenses, will be given to selected environmental NGOs for initiatives towards achieving the goal of the Zero Plastic.

Are there any early bird discounts on registrations?
Yes, of course.

Early Bird 25% discount is valid till 31st January 2019 (Apply code: OFF25J).

Early Bird 20% discount is valid till 28th February 2019 (Apply code: OFF20F).

Early Bird 15% discount is valid till 31st March 2019 (Apply code: OFF15M).

Early Bird 10% discount is valid till 30th April 2019 (Apply code: OFF10A).

Early Bird 5% discount is valid till 31st May 2019 (Apply code: OFF5M).

After 31st May 2019, no discounts will be offered and ticket prices may be hiked.

Group discount for above 10 participants (Contact Details: +91-9654089222 ; runningsquad@aol.com)

Your commitment towards the cause

The entire event will be carried out without the use of harmful single-use plastics, and you are all requested not to use single-use plastics at the event. Additionally, you can show your commitment to the cause by joining the Pledge for Zero
Plastic: After completing the run/walk individuals and institutions will be invited to take a pledge to support Zero Plastics by palm-printing on a cloth banner placed at the Zero Plastic Marathon finish line.

ZPM 2K19 is an ultimate blend of run & fun.
Fun unlimited, it's gonna be!
Please be in touch with the event's social media handles and website for all the latest updates and news.


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