14 Jul

Footloose Run 2019

by Priyanka


Now! The Watch companies may hate this one but the runners especially those who love and live for the Joy of Running will go gaga over this ...!!!

I invite runners to embrace the Freedom and taste the Joy of Running!

Footloose Run 2019, 14th July, Gurgaon (5K, 10K, 15K & Half Marathon)

Here DLF (dead last finisher may be a winner as well)

You are not allowed to wear a watch, no, you can't even carry mobile phones. And, no music, please.
All these gadgets are banned and will be taken from you before the start and if found using any of these then you will be disqualified.

You will predict your time of finish while registering (means predict how much time will you take to complete the distance).

Then live-up to the predicted time to win.

You are in for the craziest deal on registration and then hot breakfast, cold & bubbliest drinks with a finisher medal, once you finish! Of course, it’s a timed event.

Fun unlimited, it's gonna be ...!!!!

Race Categories-

- Half Marathon (Min age 18yrs, cutoff time limit 3hrs)- 1600/-

- 15Km Run (Min age 18yrs, cutoff time limit 1:30hrs)- 1600/-

- 10Km Run (Min age 14yrs, cutoff time limit 1:30hrs)- 1600/-

- 5Km Run (Min age 14yrs, cutoff time limit 50mins)- 1600/-

40% discount till 10th June

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