22 May

SoBo SuperSonics vs Shivaji Park Lions and Triumph Knights MNE vs North Mumbai Panthers

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Wed 22 May at 03:30 PM Wankhede Stadium: Mumbai | ?75 Onwards

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3:30 PM SoBo SuperSonics vs Shivaji Park Lions and 7:30 PM Triumph Knights MNE vs North Mumbai Panthers

After exhibiting some of the exceptional performances of talented Mumbaikars in its previous seasons, T20 Mumbai is ready with its new season, where they aim to bring the next generation of superstars of cricket.
Get ready to catch the action live between SoBo SuperSonics V/S Shivaji Park Lions and Triumph Knights MNE V/S North Mumbai Panthers at the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai on 22nd May. So, are you excited to witness your favorite team take on the challenge and battle it out for the championship?
This match is going to be an exciting experience for all you cricket lovers as you cheer for your favorite team at the Wankhede Stadium.

Terms & Condition
1. This ticket entitles the holder (“Holder”) to attend the stadium in respect of the match or matches (if there is more than one match scheduled in the stadium on the same day), details of which are referred to on the ticket (“Stadium”, “Match” and “Matches” respectively).

2. This ticket must be produced by the Holder at the time of entry into the Stadium. The entry gates will open 2 hours before the start of the Match or such other time as may be advised/published in respect of the Match

3. The Organiser reserves the right to search/frisk the Holder (including his/her bags, clothes or other possessions) at any time for security reasons including prior to entry (or any permitted re-entry) to the Stadium. Should the Holder refuse to be searched, the Organiser reserves the right to refuse admission or eject him/her from the Stadium without refund. The Holder must comply with any reasonable instruction from an officer or security officer of the Organiser at the Stadium.

4. No food may be brought into the Stadium. No alcohol may be brought into or taken out of the Stadium. The consumption of alcohol may be permitted only in any authorized designated areas or places in the Stadium (if any) during hours determined by the Organiser, which reserves the right to close or restrict entry to any such authorized designated areas at any time.

5. This ticket is for the personal use of the Holder only and shall not be offered for sale, auctioned, exchanged, ceded, sold or transferred, whether in a commercial or promotional context (such as, without limitation, as a prize in a lottery or competition or as part of an advertising or promotional campaign) or otherwise, with or without consideration, unless written permission has been previously obtained from the Organiser. The benefit conferred on the Holder by this ticket is personal to him/her.

6. No betting of any kind is permitted in any part of the Stadium.

7. Children of two years of age or over must have their own ticket and all persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by and under the supervision of (in each case constantly) an adult who also has a ticket for the Match.

8. The Organiser reserves the right, without refund or other recourse, to refuse admission to anyone and/or if necessary, to eject the holder/s of the ticket from the Stadium after they have entered the Stadium in each case if they are found to be in breach of these terms and conditions or the other above-mentioned regulations.

Wankhede Stadium: Mumbai

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Wed, 22 May 2019 03:30 pm

Wed, 22 May 2019 07:30 pm

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