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Benefits of playing:

1. I forget about time. I lose myself in the play.
2. I get exercise.
3. I have fun. Fun is better than not-fun.
4. I make friends.
5. I use my brain.
6. I increase my sense of aim (note: basketball, bowling, pool, ping pong, etc. all improve this basic skill we all need: balance/aim)
7. I forget about my problems. I got 99 problems but PLAY ain’t one.
8. I leave my house. Else I’m trapped here just doing the same routine.
9. We’re natural nomads, not meant to stay in one routine every day.
10. I have to get creative to do a different play thing every day.
11. I get smarter at getting good at new things.
12. Boost my happy neurochemicals that feed reward and pleasure.
13. Reminds me every day how to be a kid again.
14. Reverses aging a tiny bit. Or at least makes aging more fun.


Adventure sports

I want to become a cricketer .but my parents don't like me becoming cricketer

Deepak Srivastava

- Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


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