While badminton is for men and women, as like other sports, sport in itself is not an expression that endows itself with feminine characteristics. This is why there is something else made for women, Im not sure as yet, but sports and war are not for girls, unless of course, they are like men, built like men or can be like men, only but to be a test for weaker, normal women. With this being said, I strongly believe the sexes of badminton must be separate din international tournaments, they should have gathered enough money by now to have them in separate leagues. But to have this started, I have devised team badminton formats, 3 vs. 3, 5 vs. 5 , 6 vs.6 and 11 vs. 11 to have a solid reason why this is necessary. You cant make cause a male NFL fan to enjoy and watch females play, similarly with the contact, mental interaction and physical strain badminton offers, no male fan must learn from feminine play or be like them, no matter female coaching, it would be insulting. At least Muslims for sure would separate the sexes and would not allow this in any sports. Badminton needs to separate these leagues so there can be a renewed respect and honor for what is duly correct and right in the game.

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